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Support Schemes for Employers


JobBridge, the National Internship Scheme, provides work experience opportunities for unemployed people. It is aimed at people who have been either getting certain social welfare payments or signing for credits for at least 3 months. Participants in the scheme will be offered an internship of 6 or 9 months within a workplace. If they take up an internship they will keep their social welfare payment and will get an extra €52.50 per week.

Work places participating in the scheme are known as host organisations. They can be from the public or private sectors or from the community and voluntary sector. The host organisation (HO) must have at least one full-time employee working 30 hours a week or more. The internship must not displace an existing employee and the HO must have no vacancies in the area of activity where the internship is offered.

Sole traders who have at least one full-time employee are eligible to be host organisations. If the owner of a limited company is an employee of that company who works at least 30 hours a week, paying tax and PRSI as an employee of the same company, then the company may be eligible to be a host organisation.

A host organisation must be a legal entity and must be compliant with health and safety and other legal requirements.

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JobsPlus is an employer incentive which encourages and rewards employers who employ jobseekers on the Live Register. This incentive is designed to encourage employers and businesses to employ people who have been out of work for long periods.

This is available to all employers in the private (including commercial semi-state), community, not-for-profit and voluntary sectors. It is not open to public service employers. Employers can avail of Jobsplus when filling positions that arise as a consequence of natural turnover.

Employers must meet the following conditions:


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