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About Management Works

Management Development Programmes

Enhancing management capability is an important goal for our network

We offer two options two for Management Development/Leadership Programmes

1. We work with businesses to source and develop Management/Leadership programmes based on specific needs

2. We partner with Skillnet Ireland to provide funding for specific Management/Leadership programmes at locations throughout Ireland.

Option 1

Option 2
They offer a suite of high-impact management development programmes to help business owners, managers and management teams to achieve better results.

Their Approach


Management Works Business Growth and Business Leadership programmes are aimed at Owner Managers. They combine group workshops with one-to-one business coaching.

Their Management Team and Lean Business programmes are both aimed at developing management capability within your wider team. You need everyone in your business to take responsibility for ensuring that your business is being run effectively, profitably, and sustainably. These programmes will help them to do just that.

Their IMI Diploma Programmes are aimed at Managers and Senior Executives who want to develop their management and leadership capability and achieve postgraduate certification at the same time. These can be completed as standalone postgraduate certificate programmes or they can be combined to achieve a Master’s Degree.

“Over two thousand business owners and managers have participated in ManagementWorks programmes since its establishment”