Our Sales & Marketing Courses are short courses, for more details please click the courses titles below:

Digital Marketing


This programme is designed to equip small business owners with an appreciation of Social Media and Digital Marketing

Course Content:

  • Introduction to online/social media marketing
  • Practical examples of small businesses that have grown considerably using online marketing
  • Overview of the channels for online/social media marketing
  • Building the brand online
  • How to maximise your conversion of visitors to customers
  • How to maintain search engine visibility
  • Introduction to Google AdWords
  • How to set-up AdWords campaigns that are cost effective
  • An introduction to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest to complement your brand activities
  • How to create a significant group of relevant followers
  • Linking your Twitter feed with other social media to cross post
  • How to use hash tags
  • Bringing it all together – your online marketing Dashboard
  • How to plan your online marketing strategically
  • How to know when you are succeeding and when to increase


On completion of this workshop participants will have the following:

  • Practical Understanding of Social Media and on-line branding in a small business context.
  • Understand the channels that exist online to market their business cost effectively
  • How to complement the development of brand via online activities
  • Understand Social Media as it relates to business including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Be able to create online profiles for their business and connect with existing and potential customers
  • Understand the importance of social media and digital marketing and how it can enhance their brand and sales activities
  • Have a full understanding of best practice tips, techniques and golden rules
  • your input

Social Media


This course is for those who already have a basic understanding of social media, probably have accounts set up with the more popular social media applications and are using them to some degree, but would like to step up their levels of performance in terms of engagement and promotion.

Course Content:

1) Course Introduction and Overview

  • The fundamentals of Social Media
  • The different elements of Social Media

2) Media sharing sites

  • Flickr, Slideshare, YouTube
  • The Power of Video Marketing
  • When to use Video
  • Video apps
  • Case Studies
  • Pinterest
  • Benefits for Business

3) LinkedIn

  • What it can do for you
  • Creating and optimising your profile
  • Lead generation
  • Groups
  • Company Profile

4) Facebook

  • Business benefits of a Facebook Page
  • Marketing your business on Facebook
  • Customising your Facebook Page
  • The importance of Content
  • Facebook Insights
  • Case Studies

5) Google +

  • An Overview

6) Blogs

  • Business benefits
  • What can I blog about?
  • Important elements (Headline, opening paragraph)

Course Objectives:

To provide participants with a deeper understanding of Social Media Marketing and how the major social media tools and their features can be used by business owners to engage more effectively with their online audiences and achieve business goals.

Customer Service


The aim of this course is to develop the knowledge to deliver an excellent service to customers

Course Objectives & plan

  • What is excellent customer service – explore excellent customer versus average or poor and the implications for businesses
  • How to go beyond the customers’ expectations – explore how you as an employee can go above and beyond to ensure customers are provided with the best customer service possible
  • First Impressions – appreciate the importance of appearance and the tidiness of the work area and how this can easily sway customers opinions or expectations of your workplace
  • Communicating with the Customer– examine how to listen actively and use your body language in order to create rapport with your customers
  • Demonstrate excellent customer service in your workplace –   walk the pathway of the customer in a typical workplace and discuss at each point how to ensure excellent customer service